Vertical blinds are suitable for every room in the home. Contemporary and classic style

Our Vertical blind fabric range offers a wonderful selection of compositions, colours and designs and yet does not compromise on quality. 

There is a fantastic range of neutral or vibrant plains, textures and patterns with a number of specialist coatings from Teflon® to Flame Retardant.

All of our made-to-measure blinds are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure you get the window dressing solution you are looking for.

  • High quality fabrics in a range of textures, patterns and plains, many of these can be co-ordinated with Rollers range.
  • Large choice of blackout plain colours available 21 in our blackout.
  • Our collection features many on trend patterns and colours mixed with classic neutrals and textures.
  • Stylish presenter with great shelf appeal to showcase our collection by colour way to support the collection.

What are the operating options for Vertical Blinds?

A wand attached in front of the first louvre is a popular way to operate an inherently child safe Vertical blind or of you would prefer to use cords to turn or open the louvres, then a child safety device will always be included for fitting.

Which side of the window will the fabric be on when the blind is open?

You can choose whichever side best suits your needs. If there is a window opener on one side, then choose the other for the fabric to stack when the blind is open so you have access to the opener. You can even choose for the blind to open from the middle, which is great when using a Vertical over a patio door - it works a bit like a pair of curtains!


  • 89MM LOUVRES Smaller width louvres to maximise light control and privacy.
  • 127MM* LOUVRES Wider louvre width for a stylish and contemporary look.