Pleated Blinds Made to Measure. 

Our Pleated blinds collection has many contemporary style led fabrics to specialist performance fabrics to help with heat control.

The neat 20mm pleat of the fabric creates an interesting appearance at the window and can be fitted within a recess or within the bead of a window. Available in freehang, roof blinds, half up, tabbed and PerfectFit® solutions, so you can find the right Pleated blind for any room in the house.

  • Anti-Fanning on all conservatory roof blinds.
  • Easy survey and installation with spring loaded open filos.
  • Each fabric labelled with a ‘Solar Shade Factor.’
  • Available in a number of different treatments including solar reflective.

How can Pleated Blinds help with heat control?

Pleated fabrics are treated with specialist solar reflective coatings, which help to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Why are Pleated Blinds the best option for glass roofs?

Because of the versatility of pleated fabric, which when manufactured into a roof blind is held in place with tensioned filo wires, a Pleated Blind suits the roof of the glazing in most conservatories or glass roof extension. Coupled with its solar reflective properties, this blind is the most sensible option to ensure the glass roofed room is habitable no matter what the weather is doing outside.


  • Freehang.
  • Tabbed.
  • Day & Night.
  • Top Down, Bottom Up.
  • Roof Blinds.
  • Perfect Fit.
  • DuoPleat.